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Richard Flores

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Bonjour Junko, Nous avons travaillé ensemble par le passé. Le numéro de portable que j'ai pour toi ne semble pas être bon. Peux tu m'envoyer un mail quand tu as mon message? Merci,

Dru Blumensheid

Hello Junki Komada, I found your work on Model Mayhem searching for makeup artists in New York. I am a photographer & filmmaker seeking to collaborate with such artists as yourself on a collection of beauty editorials. Would you be interested in working with me? You can view my previous work here: My email is Best!

Sorya Chau

Bonjour, Je gère un studio de production vidéo et je suis à la recherche d'une maquilleuse/coiffeuse pour un tournage les 16 et 17/06 en Ile de France. Alexandre Félix m'a donné vos coordonnées. Seriez- vous disponible à ces dates ? SI oui, je vous en dirai plus sur le projet. Merci et bonne journée -- Sorya Chau Co-Founder / Line Producer +33 6 26 92 17 20

Model Bliss

Rouse your Modeling Profession by joining Model Bliss Net! Model Bliss Net provides: - Profile Creation - Messaging - Email Notifications - LIVE Chat - Unique Search Bar for finding MBN members - Audit Tracking, Blocking, Black Book, Favorite Image and Casting/Availability Notification, etc. After you create your account, add your Social Media links (i.e. FB, Instagram and LinkedIn) to your profile and LIKE and SHARE Model Bliss Net to direct traffic (or visitors) to your Model Bliss Net profile. Model Bliss Net is NEW to the Modeling Social Network community. Check out who has joined Model Bliss Net in your area or be the first to start a membership base in your area by joining Model Bliss Net today! Membership is FREE! Visit and click CREATE PROFILE. Thank You! TC ~ Webmaster

Alek Michaud

Hi Junko, I found your work on MM, and shot you a quick message. Wanted to try one more time to get in touch though. I'm starting to put together more editorial work and usually have model tests coming in regularly and I would love to work with you in the future. I have a test for a model booked for this Sunday and I think it could be a great chance to see if we work well together. Would this be something you're interested in? You can see some of my recent work at If so just let me know, you can email me at Thanks! Alek

Shri Prasham

Hi Junko, Wondering if you would be interested in working together. I really like your work and I'm working with MSA models to test their new faces. A little about me, I've been shooting fashion for 2 years now. Recently relocated to NY and only just got a studio in Bedstuy. So I'm basically trying to build a team of people to work with regularly. If you're interested my website is Email: Phone: 7737915800


じゅんこさん、こんにちは。メイクアップの拓也です。メイクの野間ケンジさんから紹介され、ご連絡をしました。10月5日のショーの件です。 連絡お待ちしています。


Bonjour, Je suis à la recherche d'un Coiffeur Maquilleur pour un shooting à Paris. 2 mannequins, 1 seule coupe et 1 seul maquillage chacun. Quel serait votre prix ? Merci d'avance. Julien JEANROY-BERTRAND Directeur de Création Raspberry Agency

Sabine Levorato

Hi, I'm looking for a make up artist and hairdresser for a photoshoot in Paris 18th, on 4th september, one woman model. First, what's your price ? is it possible to have an estimate ? If you're interesting, email me back :, or call me : 0663024275, then I'll can give you more informations about the shooting. Thanks. Regards. Sabine.

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